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The parade kicks off immediately following the Big Cheese 5K Race (Approximately 9:30am) on April 14th 2018.


As in past years, members of the Athol Fire Department will be along the lineup route with radios to wrangle people into position. Please follow their instructions.
1. The parade starts on School Street around Our Lady Immaculate Church. It proceeds down the hill to Main Street, turns left at the Library then proceeds to Lord Pond Plaza where the carnival is. There are multiple staging areas for lining up. Please know your division, staging area and the route to get to the staging area. It is each group’s/organization’s responsibiltiy to communicate those details to its members. 
2. School Street will be closed to regular traffic at approximately 8:00AM.
If you have a vehicle/float in the parade, you have access.
If you are dropping off marchers please do that at the CCD center off Main Street. Do NOT attempt to drive on School Street to do that. You can also drop off marchers at the Congress Street side of Riverbend School if that is closer to your lineup position. Congress Street is to the right of the school as you face it.
3. The parade lineup will begin at 8:15AM. All participants are asked to arrive then. Sure, it’ll be a little crazy for a while but that’s what River Rat is all about. Be kind and follow the AFD’s instructions. You will find your division, position and where to proceed to get into place on the next page.
4. It’s important to stay “bunched up” once you’re in position. You can spread out to a comfortable distance within your group once the parade begins to move.
5. The parade will step off (begin) at 9:30AM. If everyone that registered to participate shows up, we estimate it will last about 60-75 minutes.
6. We will post weather information as the date approaches.  
7. Above all, HAVE A GOOD TIME!

Please be in control of your vehicle(s) at all times.
If you are marching, please be aware of the vehicles that may be behind you in the parade.
NO ONE MAY THROW, LAUNCH, PROPEL OR IN ANY WAY, CAUSE ANYTHING AT ANYTIME TO FLY THROUGH THE AIR INTO THE CROWD OR FROM THEIR VEHICLE OR THEIR PERSON IN GENERAL.  This includes but is not limited to candy, trinkets, tee shirts, toys, food, etc. You may HAND OUT items. Handing out items means that a person physically places the object directly into the hand of the recipient.  Throwing items results in children running onto the parade route and has resulted in injury. Please follow this rule.
Please follow the instructions of all emergency personal on site.



Division 1
[at Our Lady Immaculate Church]

Division 2
[behind division 1]

Division 3
[School Street at Riverbend Street]

Division 4
[Park Ave between School Street and Allen Street]

Division 5
[Allen Street between Park Ave and into Riverbend School parking area]


Division 6
[School Street from Park Ave towards Main Street]

Division 7
[behind division 6]


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